The modern world has already taken the first step towards a completely new technological, economic and social reality. However, the challenges facing modern industrial society are difficult to overestimate. It is a matter of changing the global socio-technological way of life, the consequence of which is the complete reformatting of habitual systems, the creation of new social and economic strategies.

At the same time, the technological paradigm is shifting, management models and social norms are changing, and large-scale demographic changes are taking place. To describe the contemporary global institutional environment, the term VUKA (Volatility; Uncertainty; Complexity; Ambiguity) is often used. One reason for this is the changes of importance in technology, including the rapid proliferation of the Internet, social networks and digital technologies. The latter are significantly changing society and the national economy in general.

Consequently, it becomes important to study the directions of the transformation of social capital under the influence of the digitalisation of the economy, to identify the transformative factors and the new economic opportunities that arise as a result of this impact.

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