Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law follows the following main rules:

  • accept all activities indicated in the learning agreement as counting towards the degree, provided these have been satisfactorily completed by the mobile students.
  • Provide incoming mobile participants and their home institutions with transcripts containing a full, accurate and timely record of their achievements at the end of their mobility period.

Above-mentioned actions implements through:

  • Conducting exchanges on the basis of signed bilateral cooperation agreements
  • Uses and respects the ECTS system
  • Including a period of study abroad scholarship holder in the period of study at the home university
  • Monitoring the implementation of the exchange (studies, social conditions), which increases its value
  • Examining whether there are fees charged by Fellow for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library and controls whether the provisions of Learning agreements are respected
  • Providing assistance in the implementation of Erasmus multilateral projects (e.g. institutional support to the academic staff/students
  • Provision of learning agreements with the students on the work programmes

Besides, Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law:

  • Supports the reintegration of mobile participants and give them the opportunity, upon return, to build on their experiences for the benefit of the Institution and their peers.
  • Ensure that staff are given recognition for their teaching and training activities undertaken during the mobility period, based on a mobility agreement.

The effects of actions taken by Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law are measured/achieved by:

  • informing academic staff about the conditions and requirements for applying to the e.g. Erasmus program
  • Providing up to date data on the subjects (syllabuses) and Community programs on students mobility
  • Organizational support in exchanges of academic staff in organizing accommodation and meals
  • Support for staff with disabilities and ensuring their integration in the academic environment
  • Integration of incoming staff of faculty with their academic counterparts in their host institution,
  • Conduct extensive cooperation with foreign institutions on the basis of contracts and agreements,
  • Search for new academic partners with whom new cooperation could be established on the basis of current needs for exchanges and research projects

When Participating in European and International Cooperation Projects, Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law proceeds according to the following rules:

  • Ensure that cooperation leads to sustainable and balanced outcomes for all partners.
  • Provide relevant support to staff and students participating in these activities.

Actions taken by the School relate to:

  • exchanges carried out on the basis of bilateral agreements,
  • catalog of Courses available for foreign students in Polish and English languages,
  • present a list of partner universities and information about Erasmus program (leaflets, www, posters),
  • institutional (administrative, language, financial) support for the staff and students involved in the approved projects esp. Erasmus one,
  • students and staff monitoring at host institution by contacts with Erasmus coordinator or direct contact (written questionnaire or interview),
  • interview with the Erasmus coordinator in the host institution,
  • reports submitted by students to their home institution by writing a review of their stay abroad,
  • monitoring of the provisions of LA
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International and Public Relations Office

Mrs. Agnieszka Smyrska
ERASMUS Plus Departmental co-coordinator and contact person

Tel: +48 33 829 72 27,



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ul. Tańskiego 5
43-382 Bielsko-Biała 
tel. +48 (33) 829 72 12 (sekretariat)
fax. +48 (33) 829 72 21 (sekretariat)

IOD Ryszard Tomanik
tel. +48338297243

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