Courses Available

The course list are presented below. If you have not yet submitted your application and if you have further questions please contact the International Office (Agnieszka Smyrska - or Deans of faculties:

  • dr Elżbieta Rak-Młynarska - - Dean of Faculty of Finance and Information Technologies or
  • dr Jaroslaw Storczynski - - Dean of Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.

We do not recommend mixing courses from too many different faculties or year levels. The maximum course load for the year and for which you will be registered is 60 credits (30 ECTS per semester). Because the courses are run according to the interest of the students, their number depends on the number of enrolled students, and their availability may change. All departments reserve the right to refuse students' course choices.

Important information! In the Fall and Spring semesters all courses for incoming students are offered in Polish language only! The list of courses presented below can be passed in English.

Exchange program - Courses in foreign languages 2017/2018:

Faculty of Finance and Accounting  Codes ECTS
International Finance
Projects management and controlling 14.3-WF-F2-S–ZCP-3 4
e-Business II - Financial information use and e-economy instruments in modern management 14.3-WF-F2-K-EB2-3 2
Monetary policy 14.3-WF-F2-P-PPI-1 6
Investment portfolio management 14.3-WF-F2-P-ZPI-3 5
Financial analysis 14.3-WF-F1-K-AFI-5 5
Banking 14.3-WF-F1-K-BAN-3 5
Management of credit institutions 14.3-WF-F2-K–ZIK-1 5
Cost accounting 14.3-WF-F2-K-RKO-1 5
Faculty of Law  Codes  

Latin in legal terminology

10-WP-P-OB-LTP-1   2

Fundamentals of philosophy

 10-WP-P-O-PFI-1  3
Theory of Politics  10-WP-P-OB-TPO-1  4

European Law

 10-WP-P-PK-PEU-3  5
Faculty of Finance and Accounting  Codes  ECTS
Computer aided in financial decisions
e-Business with elements of management
Local finances
Management Accountancy
Financial reporting standards
Tax strategies of enterprises
Faculty of Law   Codes  ECTS


Completing the Application Form

When completing the application form, list the titles and code numbers of the courses you wish to take giving the alternative choices. It’s important in case it is not possible to take your preferred combination of courses.

  1. Credits are assigned to all courses included in the curriculum except Health and Safety rules and communication with the market
  2. Credits assigned to course rather than individual forms of activities, and granted only when all classes are included within the scope of the course in a given semester
  3. Credits are assigned in parts only when the course is longer than one semester
  4. Number of credits assigned to courses of each semester is 30
  5. The pass mark for the semester is to get 30 credits, so get at least satisfactory in all classes in the curriculum. When student doesn’t collect 30 credits, is registered for the next semester with credit debt
  6. In case of students exchange, university prepares the transcript of his departure and the return. Credits are awarded after the completion of course, but the home institution does not fit them into the index. Credits for items classified as foreign replace the credits that the student would receive normally at the home university.


Information about accommodation and orientation ERASMUS

Student Network

Orientation of incoming students

Ewa Grygierczyk-Ciupak  


Accommodation at Students’ dormitories

Accommodation for all ERASMUS incoming students can be arranged at Students dormitories and hostels upon request to International and Public Relations Office

Cost of accommodation at Students’ dormitories and hostels

Student dormitory: 99 -135 EUR per month

The price depends on the number of students sharing one room. More information about standard of accommodation incoming students receive can be obtained sending e-mail:

Meals in the University canteen

Academic canteen operates seven days a week. The average cost of a monthly food in canteen is about 80 €.


Dates of the Academic Year 2016/2017

Winter semester –Teaching period

1 October – 20 December 2016

Winter semester - Winter break

21 December 2016 – 1 January 2017

Winter semester – Teaching period

2 January – 29 January 2017

Winter semester – Examination period

30 January – 12 February 2017

Winter semester – Resit Examination period

1 March – 31 March 2017

Deadline for return of examination forms for registration

12 April 2017

Break between semesters

13 February – 24 February 2017

Summer semester –Teaching period

25 February – 12 April 2017

Summer semester – Summer break

13 April – 19 April 2017

Summer semester –Teaching period

20 April – 25 June 2017

Summer semester –Examination period

26 June – 16 July 2017

Summer semester – Resit Examination period

01 September – 29 September 2017

Break between semesters

17 July – 30 September 2017

Deadline for return of examination forms for registration

14 October 2017




Dates of the Academic Year 2015/2016

Winter semester –Teaching period

1 October – 20 December 2015

Winter semester - Winter break

10 December 2015 – 3 January 2016

Winter semester – Teaching period

4 January – 24 January 2016

Winter semester – Examination period

25 January – 7 February 2016

Break between semesters

8 February – 19 February 2016

Summer semester –Teaching period

22 February – 23 April 2016

Summer semester – Summer break

24 March – 30 March 2016

Summer semester –Teaching period

31 March – 19 June 2016

Summer semester –Examination period

20 June – 17 July 2016

Break between semesters

18 July – 31 September 2016


Remember to have your courses passed and have duly signed document confirming it. You will need this confirmation after coming back to your university.

Completion of the study program does not mean the end of contact with the Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law. We would love you to stay in touch with us and contact us with any questions. You can also come back to us studying the following term or as a project partner. We are open to further cooperation.


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