bwInterest of the Marhaba program is steadily increasing. The new call for application has showe that both students and academic staff (prof and post doc.) are higly interestet in development of educational programs and partnerships between universities. 

A copule of days ago a Marhaba grantee has just passed his final exams and received an MA in Finance at the Finance and Infromation Technologoy Department. Following to his words it was worth to spend a year abroud. This cooperation has also opened a new cooperation in the field of joint research and publications.

On behalf of the leader of the consortium of universities and my own I would like to encourage all interested parties and potential candidates to participate actively in the Marhaba programme.

General information regarding Erasmus Mundus initiative, project for Lot 3 MARHABA, which was approved by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, about our consortium of universities and participation process are available on website 

We are very satisfied with the development of the project and with the positive and inspiring comments of participating grantees (students and academic staff). So do not hesitate and check conditions for participation in the project.

To view the poster follow the link.

To view a triptico follow the link

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Content of scholarships

All scholarships include insurance and travel costs between the home country and the host country and a monthly allowance according to the list below:


Duration of the mobilities - 6 and 10 months


Duration of the mobilities - 6 and 18 months


Duration of the mobilities - 6 and 34 months


Duration of the mobilities -  6 months

Academic Staff

Duration of the mobilities - 1 month



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